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Number of questions: 72
Number of questions to pass: 50
Time allowed: 90 mins
Status: Live

This exam consists of 5 sections described below.

Section 1: Architectural Overview of IBM API Connect 18%
Articulate the architectural requirements to support a given IBM API Connect topology.
Compare the different IBM API Connect deployment options.
Differentiate between the two types of organizations in IBM API Connect.
Demonstrate the various stages in the lifecycle of an API, including Create, Run, Manage, and Secure. The API lifecycle provides the foundation of an API strategy.
Distinguish between the various roles involved in the lifecycle of an API within IBM API Connect.
Implement the OpenAPI specification in IBM API Connect.
Identify typical use cases for IBM API Connect across industry.

Section 2: Cloud Manager Role 32%
Install and administer collectives and gateways.
Install and configure the IBM API Connect Cloud.
Install, configure, and customize the Developer Portal.
Manage the IBM API Connect Cloud using the REST interface.
Use the IBM API Connect Command Line Interface.
Backup and restore IBM API Connect configuration data.
Backup and restore APIs and Products.
Analyze logs to identify problems within the IBM API Connect Cloud.
Secure the IBM API Connect Cloud.
Integrate with an external user registry.
Configure the API Gateway extensions.
Manage IBM API Connect catalogs.
Manage the IBM API Connect Cloud.

Section 3: API Developer Role 28%
Design a LoopBack application using IBM API Connect.
Use the Unit Testing tools to test APIs.
Implement user-defined policies.
Utilize built-in policies.
Manage error handling.
Utilize API properties.
Create an API assembly.
Create and configure a SOAP API.
Create and configure a REST API.
Apply a security definition to an API.
Use the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit Command Line Interface.

Section 4: Product Manager Role 11%
Distinguish between the various lifecycle stages of APIs and Products.
Gain business insight from analytics information.
Show the relationship between Products and Plans and APIs.
Design Products and Plans.
Administer Consumer Access.

Section 5: App Developer Role 11%

Use the Developer Portal.
The sample test is designed to give the candidate an idea of the content and format of the questions that will be on the certification exam. Performance on the sample test is NOT an indicator of performance on the certification exam. This should not be considered an assessment tool.

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This exam has an Assessment Exam option: A9530-519 Assessment: IBM API Connect v. 5.0.5 Solution Implementation

Assessment exams are web-based exams that provides you, at a cheaper costs, the ability to check your skills before taking the certification exam.
This assessment exam is available in: English

Passing the exam does not award you a certification, and it is only used to help you assess if you are ready or not to take the certification exam.

You can register for it at Pearson VUE and it will provide you a score report, showing you how you did in each section.

Courses and publications are offered to help you prepare for the certification tests. The courses are recommended, but not required, before taking a certification test. When preparing for the certification test, keep in mind that real world experience is required to stand a reasonable chance of passing the certification test. Courseware does not replace the requirement for experience. Please note that course offerings are continuously being added and updated. If you want to purchase a training course, feel free to contact an IBM Global Training Provider.

Achieve your API strategy with IBM API Connect
To thrive in the API economy, you need to strategize your API approach and create, run, manage, and secure your APIs. With this dedicated focus on APIs, your company can share data and services in an easy-to-consume format. It can also create an ecosystem of partners and third parties that is much greater than the ecosystem you reach by using traditional channels. An effective API strategy treats an API as a business product with a well identified lifecycle, target market, and metrics for return on investment (ROI).

Course Number: WU500G
Course Abstract: In this course, you learn how to build a Loopback application with the IBM API Connect toolkit. You define an API interface that conforms to the Swagger 2.0 OpenAPI specification. You assemble an API implementation in the API Designer web interface. You stage, publish, and secure APIs in an API gateway. This course also teaches application developers how to register API applications in the Developer Portal. The course teaches you how to customize the home page of the Developer Portal. This course includes Early Release material.

This course is also available as self-paced virtual (e-learning) course Develop, Publish, Manage, and Secure APIs with IBM API Connect V5.0 (ZU500G).
Demo / Product Tour

In this tutorial, Tim Baker, IBM® Senior Technical Sales Specialist, takes you through a video demonstration of how to use IBM API Connect Version 5. He shows a practical example of creating and publishing an application–from start to finish, on-premises to the cloud.

PartnerWorld Code: 15004602
Replaces PW Code: 15004601
Status: Live

This intermediate-level certification is intended for developers who are responsible for developing, publishing, configuring, and managing APIs using IBM API Connect V5.0.5. This test also covers administration and scripting topics as well.

These solution implementers can configure IBM API Connect V5.0.5 to:
implement and assemble REST and SOAP API
secure API implementations
monitor and analyze API usage
customize and manage the basic and advanced developer portal
configure API Management through product user interfaces, command line and scripting

The following skills are required for success:
working knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
working knowledge of Linux
working knowledge of Node.js and LoopBack
working knowledge of HTTP, REST, and SOAP

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