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Smaller Apple iPad, bigger iPad, mini 2 delays, and date debate

The iOSphere knows so much about the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 that it’s easy to overlook how little it really knows.

A video of an alleged iPad 5 rear casing confirmed that the Next iPad will be somewhat smaller than the current one. Unless it’s much bigger than the current one. Anguish blew through the iOSphere over claims that unnamed production problems will delay full-scale release of the iPad mini 2 until early next year. And, based on nothing except looking at the calendar one year after the last iPad announcement, confidence is high that the new tablets will be announced Oct. 25.

You read it here second.
Thanks to a plethora of rumors, leaks, photos and videos we have a good idea what to expect from the iPad 5 when it arrives, but there are still some parts of the iPad 5 that remain up in the air.
— Josh Smith, GottaBeMobile, who was, nevertheless, unable to identify any specific feature, beyond the possibility of new rounded instead of sloping edges, for the iPad 5.

iPad 5 will be smaller than current iPad, but not by much

A video posted by a Chinese parts supplier,, compares the current iPad and iPad mini with a slate-gray rear housing alleged to be that of the iPad 5. Finally, someone in one of these dealing-in-stolen-property revelations actually uses a tape measure to compare the sizes.

And it turns out that the iPad 5 will be a little bit smaller than the current model.

[SLIDESHOW: 20 essential business apps for iPads and iPhones]

MacRumors apparently was the first to pick up on the video post.

The Youtube video itself is very straightforward, showing all three devices in a line, and then looking at the iPad 5 housing in more detail.

Here are the measurements, converted into inches:
Width x Length
iPad 4 – 7.31 x 9.49
iPad 5 – 6.67 x 9.42
iPad mini – 5.41 x 7.87

According to the video, iPad 5 is a smidgen thinner than the current iPad: 0.28 inches versus 0.37. If this is an actual iPad 5 rear housing, then the new tablet will be about one-half inch less wide, a teensy bit shorter, and about one-tenth of an inch thinner. The screen size and display area, presumably, will remain unchanged, with a 9.7-inch diagonal panel.

These figures would fit with the long-held belief that the sides (or bezel) of the front “frame” around the display will be thinner, but the top and bottom of the frame will be very close if not identical to the current model. The new casing is also somewhat lighter. Whether that will translate into a lighter finished product may depend on whether or how Apple has changed other components, including the display panel.

For most rumoristas none of this is new, though Business Insider’s Dylan Love seems stunned by the video. “According To This Leak, The ‘iPad 5’ Will Have A Completely New Design That Looks More Like The iPad Mini,” is the headline to his post. The Completely New Design, based on the rear housing in the video, means a body with rounded edges.

iPad 5 will be bigger than current iPad, by a lot

Apple is actively working on a 12-inch iPad model with Quanta, a Taiwan based contract manufacturer, according to the resurgent rumor of a larger-screened iPad.

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Unlikely that faulty hardware causing poor wireless connections

Computerworld – The Wi-Fi reliability problems reported by iPad owners can probably be solved with a software update, a hardware expert said Friday.

“It’s unlikely that hardware is the primary cause of the [problem],” said Aaron Vronko, CEO of Michigan-based Rapid Repair, a repair shop and do-it-yourself parts supplier for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. “This is probably a software problem, or a hardware quirk that software must negotiate.”

Vronko said iPad owners hinted as much. “If this was hardware related, it would almost certainly have to be an error in assembly or failure in the chip itself,” Vronko said in an email reply to questions. “However, chip-related failure would likely be more absolute in its effects.”

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Users have not said that their iPads are never able to connect to a Wi-Fi network; instead they have said the signal is weak — and download speeds are extremely slow — or they’re unable to maintain a connection.

Complaints about the iPad’s wireless reliability surfaced within hours of the iPad’s March 16 sales debut.

Vronko also relied on advice given by Apple to back up his speculation. Last week, an Apple support representative told Computerworld that resetting the iPad’s network settings to their factory defaults might solve the Wi-Fi problem.

“The fact that a network settings reset can sometimes resolve the issue points strongly to a power-saving feature run amok,” said Vronko.

According to Vronko and several tear-down experts, the new iPad features the Broadcom BCM4330 chip, which handles Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. That chip, new to the iPad, also is inside the iPhone 4S, which launched last October.

“[The Broadcom BCM4330 chip] boasts a new design including several new power-saving features,” said Vronko. “Wi-Fi can be a hungry customer in mobile devices and Apple knew that the new LCD and its requisite monster truck GPU would be guzzling battery juice. They had to go aggressive on performance per milliwatt on every other component.”

For that reason, Vronko wasn’t surprised to hear users gripe. “Tune a few million test subjects tightly against the performance limit and you’re bound to have some problems in the field,” he said.

The solution could turn on adjusting the iPad’s power management software to make more battery power available to the Broadcom chip.

Apple has not publicly acknowledged a Wi-Fi issue in the new iPad, or hinted whether a fix is in the works, and if so, when it would be released.

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In last week’s episode of “Can you top this dumb patent?” we discovered that Apple had patented the design element of sliding to unlock a device. Gosh, and I recall my grandpa’s front gate having a slide-to-unlock device in the 60s! Boy those Apple guys had to get up early in the morning to invent that one

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Sarcasm aside, does” every Android device now infringe this Apple patent?” Or, for that matter, every Windows 8 device? Well, yes, they probably do. But does that mean that Apple is really going to be using this patent to sue everyone and anyone who uses the slide metaphor in their design? I asked some prominent intellectual property (IP) lawyers about it and this is what they said.

Thomas Carey, a partner at Sunstein, a major intellectual property (IP) law firm and chair of its Business Department, said that, “In this particular case, it appears that there is prior art that may render the patent invalid.” Carey points out that this video of the Neonode N1m device at the 4 minute mark appears to pre-date Apple’s devices.

“However,” Carey continued, “The Apple patent claims refer to a touch screen, which is not what the device in the video contains. Nonetheless, applying the same technique to a touch screen would seem obvious. Hence, invalidity.  (The priority date on the patent is 12/23/2005, which comes after the date of the Neonode N1m.)”

If Apple were to sue someone with this patent, Carey suspects Microsoft, rather than Google and its Android partners, might be targeted. After all, “Apple has had its innovations ripped off by Microsoft for years, so you would surely expect them to start seeking patent protection for their innovations.”

Even so, Daniel Ravicher, an attorney and executive director of the Public Patent Foundation, doesn’t see Apple suing anyone with this particular patent. “Getting a silly patent takes a few thousand dollars and can stealthily contribute to quantity metrics. Deciding to assert a silly patent in litigation takes a few million dollars and can’t hide from quality requirements. I doubt they’d ever assert this patent.”

So, the consensus seems to be that this particular patent won’t be seen used in anger inside a courtroom any time soon. Other dumb patents, that’s another matter. With patents likes these, the mobile patent wars look certain to go on for years—decades—more. Now, just so long as no lawyer comes to my grandpa’s old door I guess I can put up with it.

iPad to have majority of tablet market share through at least 2012, Canaccord Genuity projects

As if more evidence of the iPad’s dominance of the tablet market were needed, market research firm Canaccord Genuity now claims that the iPad is the tablet of choice among Android fans.


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In a research note released late last week, Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley said that strong user preference for the iPad over other tablets would give Apple a majority market share in the tablet market through at least 2012.

“Our smartphone and handset checks indicate iPads are selling better to Android smartphone users than the current Android tablets,” he said. “As a result, we argue that consumers purchasing a tablet are more likely to remain in that ecosystem given higher price points for tablet applications.”

ANALYSIS: iPad rivals not up to snuff, says Consumer Reports
What’s more, Walkley also said that Apple had positively nailed the pricing of its tablets compared to the competition, meaning that rival tablet makers would have to start aggressively slashing their prices in order to at all keep up with the iPad.

“Apple has priced the iPad 2 to the point where we believe it will be difficult for competitors to profitably compete, and … both the Motorola XOOM and RIM Playbook have not sold well at current price points,” he wrote. “We believe competing tablets must sell at a substantial discount to the iPad 2.”

Canaccord Genuity projects that Apple will sell nearly 36 million iPads this year, nearly two-and-a-half times the 14.8 million iPads the company sold last year. Even though Apple has gotten a lot more competition in the tablet market this year, the projected 36 million iPad sales for this year still give the company a 56% share of the overall tablet market. Canaccord Genuity also projects that Apple will sell more than 55 million iPads in 2012, good for a 51% share of the tablet market. The firm says that Samsung will be the only other tablet vendor to claim even 10% of the market, as its projected 12 million tablets sold will give the company an 11% share of the market.

Canaccord’s analysis is just the latest showing that Apple has so far remained the dominant player in the tablet market despite a flood of new entries. A survey of more than 3,000 consumers released by ChangeWave earlier this year found that 27% of consumers have plans to buy a tablet, and that 82% of them plan to purchase an Apple iPad. The Motorola Xoom, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab each accounted for less than 5% of planned tablet purchases. In an analysis of its survey data, ChangeWave said iPad competitors face a steep uphill climb against Apple, especially since the vendor has already released the second generation of its popular device while rivals are just getting around to releasing their first-generation tablets.

Additionally, IDC this year released a report showing the iPad accounted for 83% of all tablets shipped in 2010, while more research released by ChangeWave found that the iPad dominated corporate purchasing plans, as more than three-quarters of the businesses that planned on buying tablets reported plans to buy the iPad.

The IRS today said it crossed the 1 billion mark for individual tax returns processed via its e-file system.

The Internal Revenue Service’s electronic filing program started as a pilot project in 1986 and became available nationally in 1990. Prior to the April 18 deadline, IRS e-file passed another high point as more than 100 million individual tax returns were e-filed during the 2011 filing season, the agency stated.


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MORE NEWS: IRS: Top 10 things every taxpayer should know about identity theft

Congress set an 80% goal for the electronic filing of federal tax and information returns in 1998. E-file is now very close to that mark, the IRS said. Currently, more than 79% of taxpayers have used e-file to submit their tax returns so far this year. The IRS also says an e-file return costs 20 times less to process than a paper return.

In 2009, Congress passed another provision requiring tax preparers who file 10 or more tax returns to use e-file. IRS e-file has been steadily growing, but the new law, which the IRS is phasing in, brought a surge of e-filed returns for 2011. For this year, tax preparers who filed 100 or more returns were required to e-file. For 2012, tax preparers who file 11 or more returns will be required to e-file.

The IRS was in the news last week as a report from the Government Accountability Office said that the number of tax-related identity theft incidents is exploding and the IRS has seen reports of the crime rice from 51,702 in 2008 to 248,357 in 2010.

While the IRS has programs in place to fight the identity theft issue, it is also hamstrung in many other areas, the report said.

We pieced it together: Smoke was coming out of one of the executive’s offices, and he had pulled the alarm. The fire department arrived and headed in. The exec talked to the firemen, all the while pointing over at us. When he’s done, he steamed over and started berating us for buying “those cheap, piece of s#!t PCs.” They were brand-new Dells, so we were confused. But sure enough, the fire department camesout just a few minutes later and said that the PC in this joker’s office caught fire — a little.


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They let us back in and we trooped up to the exec’s office to check things out. It took us a while, but we noticed that the seal on the back of the PC was broken and some of the case screws were missing. These were new PCs, so we knew none of us have had to service the thing. We gave the exec the stink eye and asked whether he opened the PC. He hemmed and hawed, then got all indignant.

As it happened, his son was a “real computer whiz” and told him to make sure all the “connections were set” or he wouldn’t get the best performance. The executive opened the PC and “saw all these wires that weren’t attached, just tied off and hanging” and decided to hook them up “to all the right plugs.” When he went to turn it on, the PC “couldn’t handle a full load” and gave off a bang and a lot of smoke.

Yeah, that was a fun conversation.

Fallout: An angry, embarrassed exec and a bill for a new PC.

Moral: Make sure your users know that the PCs you provide aren’t for personal use. They’re the property of the business; if they need to be opened, it’ll be an IT staffer who does it no matter how smart your kid might be. Or not.

Stupid user trick No. 4: Introducing your IT infrastructure to a flight of stairs
Incident: Lava lamps in the server closet are one thing, but turning your infrastructure into a lounge might require more than just a backup plan, as one IT contractor relays.

Everyone has favorite clients, folks where you never know what you’re going to find when you visit. This one time, we get called in on the hot line — 911, major emergency, everything’s down. Two of us got the assignment and went squealing out to the client site through Long Island traffic. We arrived, nodded to the receptionist who knows us, and headed up to the server room, expecting to find the company’s IT guy with whom we contract. Only it’s a lounge now: sofas, coffee tables, a vending machine, and a big-screen TV on the wall, but no servers. Well, that’s the first clue as to why nothing’s working.

We nosed around for the IT guy and found him in his office, desperately trying to expedite an order for new servers. Where are the servers we set up, dude? Oh, we moved them downstairs. There was a problem on the way, so that’s why we need you to restore the servers. That was vague.

We did some digging and discovered that he asked the two mail guys (the office muscle) to move the server rack downstairs to a new room. Now this wasn’t a relay rack, this was a full-on four-post server rack. And because Mr. IT wasn’t sure he’d be able to hook it all up again, he told them to leave everything in the rack.

I’m not sure how these guys even got it to move across a flat floor. That thing had three servers, two switches, a router, a disk array, a tape drive, and a UPS installed. It must have weighed a ton. The two geniuses apparently decided that the freight elevator was too far, so they tried to move it down a flight of stairs “just one step at a time.” Yeah, it fell on step two, one of the guys came close to getting killed and most of the stuff in the rack wasn’t working anymore when it stopped its tumbling routine on the first floor.

Apparently, APC doesn’t guarantee equipment in its racks if you drop it down a flight of stairs.

With 4G smartphones hitting the market in a big way, we decided to test a couple of devices to get an overall sense of how 4G compares with 3G, how specific devices perform and how the underlying networks differ.


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T-Mobile’s data cap embrace leaves Sprint as lone ‘unlimited’ 4G carrier

We got our hands on the Verizon Wireless ThunderBolt and the Samsung Galaxy S from T-Mobile. (Sprint was invited to participate, but was unable to provide a device.) Here’s what we learned in general about 4G wireless networks (watch a slideshow version of this story):

A quick guide to 4G phones
1. 4G capability on any device will add significant bandwidth if you’re in an area with good 4G coverage. However if you stray beyond the 4G coverage area, you revert back to 3G speeds. So, check carefully with any carrier that claims 4G service to make sure it has coverage where you need it.

2. 4G isn’t available in every market served by these companies, and even in markets where it is available, it’s not everywhere in that market. I conducted this series of tests in northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. I found that locations even a couple of miles apart had significant performance differences depending on where I was in the signal pattern.

In general, you can assume that if you’re on or near the edge of a 4G coverage area, your data speeds won’t be as fast as they would be in the center of a coverage area.

3. It’s also important to know what the limits of these devices are. T-Mobile claims that the top speed of its 4G network is about 21Mbps, theoretically. Verizon Wireless claims about half of that. In actual testing, Verizon consistently delivered test files in about half the time as T-Mobile.

4. It’s also worth noting that in spite of the claims by all of the companies, none of these devices, nor their respective networks, is really 4G. The proposed ITU standard for 4G requires a speed of 100Mbps for mobile devices, and that’s not available right now to any carrier, anywhere.

5. Both of the 4G smartphones we tested have more in common than they have obvious differences. Both are Android 2.2 devices, they both have most of the standard Android apps pre-loaded, and both feature large screens that are clearly designed for showing video.

Both come with video apps that include a means of downloading and streaming video, and both can use videoconferencing apps so that you can look at whomever you’re calling, assuming they have a similar service. Skype’s Qik is available for both devices, and they can call each other, most other Android smartphones, as well as iPhones, BlackBerry and Nokia smartphones.

PlayBook plays in WiFi world

Here’s the head-to-head comparison:
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G

The T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G is the next step in T-Mobile’s line of Galaxy S smartphones. The company also sells the Samsung Vibrant, which is a similar device that supports 3G speeds. The Galaxy S 4G features a 4-inch AMOLED screen and is powered by a Samsung 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor. The device includes two cameras, a 5-megapixel rear camera, and a VGA resolution front camera intended for video chats and little else.

The online Remember The Milk service is one of the easiest and most popular ways to keep track of shopping lists, manage a list of thing that need to be done and anything else that needs to be remembered. An iOS app has been available for some time, but now Remember The Milk 2.0.0 has been released as a universal app with vastly improved support for the iPad.


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The app has been completely redesigned from scratch to come up with something that feels perfect for the iPad’s larger screen. An iPad specific version of Remember The Milk has been a long time coming, but it seems as though the wait has been well worth it. This is a polished piece of software. it is something of a shame to find that no new features have been added in the transition to becoming a fully-fledged iPad app, but Remember The Milk was already leader of the pack in its field.

Remember The Milk is available in Free and Pro varieties. There are few differences between the two versions other than the fact that only the Pro version supports push notifications, and users of the Free version of the app are limited to synchronizing data once every 24 hours while Pro users have the option of unlimited syncs.

In addition to the iOS version of the app, Remember The Milk is also available for Android devices. You can find out more and download a copy of this free app by paying a visit to the Remember The Milkreview page.

Just a little more than a year since its launch, the iPad is already accounting for more views on website pages than longstanding open source operating system Linux.

According to data from StatCounter Global Stats, iOS accounted for 1.17% of U.S. April browser visits to the more than 3 million websites that use the company’s free web analytics service. Meanwhile, Linux only accounted for .71%. The iOS for iPad has also creeped past Linux in several other countries.


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StatCounter spokesperson Ronnie Simpson said that the company separates its “desktop operating systems” category from its “mobile operating systems” category depending on whether a device that uses it fits in a pocket. Until the iPad, iOS doesn’t appear on the operating system graph at all. The visits currently represented in the iOS category only represent iPad use, not iPod or iPhone use. It looks like iPad traffic passed Linux traffic in the US sometime in December.

Performance monitoring company Pingdom, which first noted the stats in a blog post, pointed out that comparing iOS for iPad with desktop browsers is a stretch, and that tablet operating systems will likely constitute their own category in the near future.

Classifications aside, the quick adoption of the iPad’s browser is stunning considering that Linux’s enthusiasts recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

21. NYTimes 2.3.3

21. NYTimes 2.3.3
The New York Times Company,
So you’re wondering why a news app would be included in a list of a top apps when you can just go to the Web site? Simple: It allows you to save stories for reading when you don’t have an Internet connection. (Thanks AT&T!) Plus, The New York Times has depth of content—even as newspapers across the country are cutting back, the Times still has niche sections like Technology, Health, Books, Travel, Fashion, and Dining.


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22. OpenTable 3.0.2

22. OpenTable 3.0.2
OpenTable, Inc.,
You’re out on a date that’s going better than expected, but you didn’t make dinner reservations. What to do? Time to bust out the OpenTable app for iPhone and make a reservation for a nearby restaurant. OpenTable makes the process so fast and easy that you might be able to do it while your date isn’t looking.

23. Opera Mini Web Browser 5.0.2

23. Opera Mini Web Browser 5.0.2
Opera Software ASA;
Many in the tech community (including us) were surprised when Apple approved Opera Mini for the iPhone. Since the beginning of the App Store, Apple had never approved a real alternative Web browser because it wanted iPhone users to use Safari. However, lousy connections on AT&T prompted Apple to approve Opera Mini, which uses less data and can sometimes eke out a complete Web page when Safari can’t. We like Safari better overall, but Opera Mini is good to keep around for the times when your network connection isn’t optimal.

24. Pandora Radio 3.1.1

24. Pandora Radio 3.1.1
Pandora Media, Inc.,
For most of its existence, Pandora has been a smart, reliable choice for customized streaming radio. Pandora creates custom stations based on artists or songs you like. It uses elements from the song itself and the user’s preferences to pick new songs to listen to. You’re likely to hear some unfamiliar bands mixed in with a lot of bands you already know and like. Plus, if you use Pandora on your desktop, the iPhone account will sync your thumbs up or down on song selections.

25. Mobile 1.2.2

25. Mobile 1.2.2
Adobe Systems, Inc.,
With the new iPhone 4’s 5-megapixel camera and better photo capabilities, there’s a good chance more users are going to use the iPhone’s camera. Naturally, they will need a photo editor if they want to maximize their photos. Mobile doesn’t do everything, but it does allow you to crop, rotate, change exposure, and apply other effects to your iPhone photos. When you’re done editing your photos, you can upload your work to an account on

26. Remote 1.3.3

26. Remote 1.3.3
Apple Inc.,
Apple’s Remote app turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control for music on your computer or Apple TV. While music is playing, album artwork is displayed on your phone and you can even edit playlists. The app only works over your home Wi-Fi connection, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else controlling your tunes—except other people in your house, of course.

27. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner 1.5

27. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner 1.5
Big in Japan,
Have you ever wanted to do a global price check on item at the store? There’s an app for that, and it’s called ShopSavvy. All you do is load up the app and then take a photo of any bar code to find out prices from online and local retailers. If you think a product is overpriced, you can simply buy it from someone else. If ShopSavvy doesn’t find what you need, check out pic2shop, another accurate barcode scanner.

28. Siri Assistant 1.1.1

28. Siri Assistant 1.1.1
Siri’s smart search app is so compelling that Apple bought the company. Will this app be folded into iOS 5? We’re not sure, but downloading it now will let you see what Steve Jobs thinks is worth spending money on. Siri Assistant is a smart search app with learning A.I. built in. As you use Siri, it begins to remember your preferences and locations, which means more accurate search results. The most recent version added the ability to post to Twitter and do math problems. Let’s just hope Siri doesn’t become Skynet and use the data in its computer systems to take over the world.

29. Skype 2.0.0

29. Skype 2.0.0
Skpye Software S.a.r.l,
While the iPhone version of Skype doesn’t yet do video calls (you’ll have to stick to FaceTime on the iPhone 4 to do that), it finally does 3G VoIP voice calls, Wi-Fi Skype-to-Skype calls, and paid Skype-to-landline calls. Skype’s international rates are much lower than AT&T’s, and this app can be a real boon if you use it in a Wi-Fi zone while traveling. Skype promises to run in the background on iOS 4 devices soon, which will make it much easier to receive calls when you aren’t expecting them.

30. Slacker Radio 2.1

30. Slacker Radio 2.1
Slacker, Inc.,
Want to listen to professionally programmed radio stations on your phone? Then meet Slacker, which never slacks in finding you great music. If you enter an artist, it finds similar music you might like and you can ban or like songs to help the system fine-tune your listening experience. Like Pandora, the more you use it, the better the app works.

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