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Like all specialist technical qualifications, the particular Microsof company variety of certificates is obviously expanding as well as becoming current to ensure that understanding of the latest operating systems is needed in order to receive these.

These types of qualification are believed skilled and also comparable to degree-level, and therefore the same amount of research and effort needs to be put in them as with a university level.

The bottom line is knowing that certification you actually need for that work opportunities you intend to make an application for. Here are some examples regarding some of the more common qualification.

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

Microsoft Certified Specialist (MCP)

Microsoft Qualified Systems Supervisor (MCSA)

Microsoft Accredited Programs Professional (MCSE)

Microsoft Certified Computer’s desktop Support Specialist (MCDST)

The first will be acquired through passing no less than one test arranged through ‘microsoft’ (there are several exceptions to this particular).

The particular MCSA requires individuals to feed 5 assessments as well as the MCSE requires A couple of extra exams, that need candidates to show that they can either satisfy as well as exceed the information requirements for that related qualifications.

The main one with all the most affordable price will be the MCDST, since this centers specifically in assisting users who will be having trouble along with desktops. This specific qualification is, nevertheless, well suited for anybody desperate to be employed in a trip middle or even anywhere like a Initial collection assistance specialist.

This type of certification is also perfect for anybody who should be licensed quickly, because it only demands applicants to pass through A couple of tests, as likely to the much greater number essential for the opposite accreditations, with all the MCP certification as an different to this guideline.

Even though the MCP qualifying measures only needs a single examination, this doesn’t happen provide consultant and particular understanding identification, like the MCDST can, that’s what companies are searching for currently.

For Subsequent and also 3rd collection support, the very least qualifying measures involving MCP would likely almost certainly be required, and also perhaps a few extra hardware-based certification, for example the CompTIA series of tests made available from Cisco.

Although there are lots of publications an internet-based examine means obtainable, the very best sources on offer are individuals produced by Microsof company by themselves by means of ‘microsoft’ Media guides. These often include reduced prices for the actual tests in the event that obtained in just a particular interval.

In addition to improving your premiums, this is also a bonus to gain qualifications in a very smaller length of time. Along with with your guides, another really good approach is to plan out when you do every single part as well as notice the times of day each and every exercise will require (there are occasion estimations for many portions throughout Microsof company Media publications).

Based on equally your looking at velocity and existing degree of technological information, time that is required to perform the actual workout routines can vary drastically. As being a information, it might acquire an authority laptop or computer consumer about Two months to accomplish all these publications.

There exists, even so, almost no time reduce between Microsof company accreditation tests, meaning that you can study your personal rate, and so hold the finest chance of getting established track record experience and knowledge. It is a great deal more important to possess the expertise for these qualifications than to give exams, meaning that you must never dash over the books hoping involving increasing more quickly benefits.

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MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at


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As you are in the whole process of learning about Microsoft MCSE’s, you happen to be probably in one associated with 2 circumstances: Perhaps you’re thinking of a total career change to This, and you’ve got found an evergrowing demand for those with the right qualifications. Otherwise you are currently an The idea skilled – and you should formalise your talent with the Microsoft certification.

When you find out about coaching companies, keep away from people that cut costs by failing to provide the latest degree of ‘microsoft’ development. Eventually, this will end up costing the student a great deal more because of the fact that they’ve already been informed in the out-of-date MCSE software which will require modernizing rapidly. Don’t utilize instruction firms that are just enthusiastic about your money. A person are worthy of moment, experience as well as assistance to ensure you take presctiption the best course for you personally. Resist being forced in to a number of generic product through several manipulative salesman.

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

How can employment honestly occur anywhere currently? In britain as an example, where business can alter it’s brain at alarming rates of speed, this indicates increasingly unlikely. Much more growing expertise deficits blended with escalating demand of study course, we are able to choose a clean form of security in the market industry; in which, fed by the success from the continual expansion problems, companies cannot receive the personnel essential.

Supplying the computing promote for instance, a key e-Skills questionnaire brought to light any skills scarcity in Great Britain well over 26 percent. Displaying that for every single four work opportunities that are available all through precessing, there are rarely a few certified personnel to be able to load which need. Correctly certified as well as commercial educated brand new staff are for that reason in a total high quality, and it’s really estimated to be consequently for some time to come. As the companies are increasing with such a quick tempo, might there truthfully certainly be a far better field worthy of investigating for any new career.

Quite a few men and ladies assume that hawaii academic path remains to be the simplest way in it. So why are skills in the commercial sector increasingly widely used? With an ever-increasing technological need on assets, business provides regarding requirement transferred to expert training that this suppliers on their own provide — for example organizations including Ms, CompTIA, ‘cisco’ along with Adobe. This generally ends up in order to include a shorter time along with fiscal cost. Basically, merely required knowledge will be taught. It is not as simple since that, though the theory goal is usually to focus on the precise expertise needed (with many required background) * with out looking to cram throughout everything else — in the manner that instructional organizations usually do.

Providing an employer understands what locations they desire included, after that it merely requires a commercial for the specific skill-set necessary to satisfy that need. The actual syllabuses just about all need to mould to exactly the same requirements and can’t consist of a single organization to another location (just like academia often could along with will).

Consider the details under and also shell out wonderful respect in their mind if you think which over-used income approach about ‘guaranteeing’ exams seems like a benefit for the university student:

These days, all of us tend to be a bit more mindful of buzz – and the majority individuals need to appreciate those of course it is actually yet another charge to be able to us (it is not no cost or even out of the health benefits of these hearts!) Evidence signifies that in case a student will pay for every single accelerating assessment, individually, the chances are they will complete about the 1st effort * due to the fact they’re going to imagine their particular investment in by themselves and their software is going to be higher.

Seek out the most effective provide you with can easily as you prepare, and avoid university mark-up charges. Additionally, it’s then your choice where you should do the assessments – so that you can locate anywhere local. Having to pay upfront pertaining to exams (along with interest fees in case you are credit income) is actually nuts. Why fill a company’s coffers with your hard-earned money in order to give them a fantastic cash-flow! Many will be pinning their own hopes for the idea that you won’t obtain rounded for you to having all of them * and then they’ll keep your extra cash. Moreover, numerous examination guarantees are useless. Many firms won’t pay for one to re-take and soon you can establish in their mind you’re ready complete.

Typical assessment charges have been throughout the 112 pounds mark this past year via VUE or even Pro-metric organisations in the UK. As a result, why sprinkle out frequently several countless weight additional with regard to ‘an Examination Guarantee’, if it is apparent that the best way is a normal, fully commited, review plan, having an certified exam planning method.

Pupils whom think about this area of review tend to be extremely functional, and also aren’t actually suited to the classroom surroundings, along with slogging by way of piles regarding textbooks. If this type of might be an individual, select more regarding, active understanding resources, wherever understanding can be video-based. Investigation over the past few years features repeatedly proven an ‘involved’ way of study, exactly where all of us utilize our sensory faculties, can much more likely generate memories that are deeper and also longer-lasting.

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At the beginning of the 21st century, databases carry out a key role in our lifestyle and MCSA Certification activities. Data on a great deal of our habitual actions is actually saved on one sort of ‘database’ or another, although we are unaware of a great deal of i.t.. Our total economic system is based on Databases of information. Share values, banks and property records are all huge Databases of records, and despite the fact that a lot of important information is also stored in the form of physical documentation, it is also filed (or at least listed) ‘digitally’ for easy access. When you use a credit or debit card to pay for something, the information is noted on a Database. If you ever wondered why you started receiving discounted coupons for pet food from your super-market, the chances are you purchased a few products which showed that you now, most likely, own a pet. The actual DVLA’s vehicle registration Database can be used all over the place; visit a garage and ask for a part – & they will tell you the right make and model from the motor vehicle registration number. By working together with the country’s road-side Camera Network, this information is made use of to identify non-payment of road tax, and for the Capital city’s congestion charge scheme.

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

If you’re beginning in this business, then it will be wise to preface your Database study with software support instruction. Together with acquiring a useful comprehension of a different aspect of the business, it gives you a skill to get you going in the IT market. Consider the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST). A complete track of ‘MCDST’, ‘MCTS’ & mcitp enterprise administrator is usually expected to be completed in close to five hundred hours of part-time study, as a result making it viable for a year’s part time study. Much like every career-track though, we advise you to think very carefully prior to deciding on your options. Speak to a professional advisor with practical experience of the profession first, in order to be sure your preferred career will be fulfilling, & your learning-style suits the method of training. Just remember the reason for training is to successfully instruct you to do your chosen employment – it is not a conclusion per se, & should always carry out that objective at a competitive fee & in a fitting manner .

Oracle and SQL-Server from MS are the primary Database Systems in the world right now. A significant number of large installations still make use of the more mature ‘Oracle’ System, but nevertheless SQL-Server is now the most used System in the majority of business environments, & where web based Databases are concerned it rules supreme. MS has integrated SQL-Server technology in to all the Microsoft programming languages and platforms – defining it as a clear option over Oracle as far as Database training goes. The previous database program ‘Microsoft Certified Database Administrator’ (MCDBA) has recently been succeeded with the ‘Microsoft Certified IT Professional’ (MCITP) and the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). Despite the fact that ‘SQL’ Server ’08 is now starting to secure some foot-hold, the current prevalent mcsa exams commercial version of Microsoft SQL-Server is 2005, & it’s this release which is included in the ‘MCITP’ DBA qualification. To be able to get the full ‘MCITP’ certification, various ‘MCTS’ modules have to be completed first.

Google hopes to better the Web with Dart, but Microsoft has declared itself an opponent of the programming language rather than a potentially valuable ally.

Google hopes Dart will address shortcomings in JavaScript, the programming language that endows Web sites with some brains. In a blog post yesterday, though, Microsoft said that improving JavaScript is the way to go.

Five members of Microsoft’s JavaScript team said the Dart sales pitch argues “JavaScript has fundamental flaws, and to support these scenarios requires a ‘clean break’ from JavaScript…We disagree with this point of view.”

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

Dart got off to a rough start, with Google alienating some potential allies with an insular early-stage development process. And allies are key: For Dart to live up to its potential, it needs support among browser makers. Microsoft’s stance makes it look like it’ll be very hard to build that support into Internet Explorer. In addition, Microsoft remains influential with programmers, and it just offered a very public vote of no confidence.

JavaScript has the classic benefits of an incumbent technology. Programmers are familiar with it, newer browsers are remarkably faster at running it, and many libraries of pre-written software such as jQuery make powerful features easily accessible to Web developers. Such factors mean a virtuous cycle of steady improvement that makes it harder for a more revolutionary approach to gain a foothold.

And there are more improvements on the way–from Microsoft, from Mozilla, and yes, from Google itself, which continues to improve its JavaScript technology even as it preaches the gospel of Dart.

The rise of JavaScript
JavaScript began as a project at Netscape, back before Internet Explorer defeated it in the first browser war of the 1990s. Its name notwithstanding, JavaScript isn’t actually related to Java, the Sun Microsystems language just becoming popular in the mid-1990s, though Sun co-founder Bill Joy supported JavaScript as an easy-to-use companion to Java, said language creator and Mozilla Chief Technology Officer Brendan Eich.

“I did the prototype for JavaScript in 10 days,” Eich said in a history of JavaScript talk in 2010.

It arrived in Netscape Navigator 2.0, the dominant browser of the day, and has steadily spread in sophistication and popularity since. Its standardization, under the trademark-free name ECMAscript, has ensured many more than Netscape and its Mozilla descendant get a say in its development.

Many expected Java to be the language that added interactivity to the Web, but JavaScript instead won that place.

Now, despite plenty of rough patches, JavaScript is shouldering ever-heavier burdens.

“In 1998, a complex JavaScript application was a few dozen lines of code. By 2008, leading-edge Web applications like Hotmail, Gmail, and included hundreds of thousands of lines of JavaScript,” said the Microsoft JavaScript team members, Shanku Niyogi, Amanda Silver, John Montgomery, Luke Hoban, and Steve Lucco. “Today, there are Web applications with a million lines of JavaScript. These Web applications look more and more like the applications we run on our desktops.”

Type inference’s JavaScript speedup
One potentially major change coming to JavaScript execution is taking place at Mozilla through a feature called type inference that’s built into the upcoming Firefox 9. That version of Mozilla’s browser is currently in beta testing, slated to arrive before by very early 2012.

Type inference gets to the heart of a fundamental divide between programming languages: the nature of variables that store information such as numbers or text. JavaScript is dynamically typed, which means that a variable can hold any sort of information. Traditional heavy-duty languages such as C or Java, though, use statically typed variables whose nature must be declared in advance by the programmer.

Dynamic typing adds flexibility, but it slows down program execution. And one of Dart’s high-profile features is that it supported static typing.

Dynamic typing is slower because a browser element called the just-in-time (JIT) compiler–which converts a programmer’s JavaScript into the instructions a computer understands–must account for all the possible types a variable could be, said Brian Hackett, the lead type inference programmer, in a blog post. (For a lot more detail, check Mozilla’s draft type inference paper (PDF).) Mozilla’s hybrid type inference technology works by combining an analysis of JavaScript before it runs with further information gathered as the program runs.

One person who has high hopes for type inference is Paul Bakaus, CTO of Zynga Germany, which builds browser-based games.

“One thing I was looking forward to looking at Dart was static types. If you have static typing in JavaScript, you could really drive performance,” Backaus said. “Once you figure that out, there’s not so much difference between typed languages like C or C++.”

And the performance is looking good, said Dave Mandelin, a Firefox programmer working on the Firefox’s JaegerMonkey JavaScript engine. “JM+TI [JaegerMonkey and type inference] is looking good and on track for shipping with Fx9, with nice speedups pretty much across the board,” he said in a blog post yesterday.

ECMAscript improvements
Microsoft has its own ideas for JavaScript–ideas that call for changes to the language, not just to how its browser runs it. Specifically, Microsoft promoted several new features at an ECMAscript standards meeting last week, the company said.

The features would build several items into JavaScript’s included library that programmers today must add on their own. Those items include a handful of mathematical and numeric operations, ways to process text, and globalization technology to more easily handle different currencies and date formats.

In addition, Microsoft offered prototype software at its HTML5 Labs site that lets people try the technology.

“As the Web transitions from Web sites to Web apps, and as Web developers build new experiences in HTML5, we know that JavaScript will also need to make this transition without compromising its simplicity, flexibility, or performance,” the Microsoft JavaScript team members said. And without mentioning Dart directly, they called for evolution rather than revolution: “An approach that enables broad, incremental adoption by the Web developer community has the highest chance of success.”

Taking out the garbage
Even if Dart were to take off tomorrow, there still is an endless amount of JavaScript on the Web, so running it fast is important for Google’s “build a faster Web ambition. On top of that, another faction within Google remains committed to JavaScript and its next-generation “Harmony” changes.

For those reasons, JavaScript performance is a top priority in the Chrome browser. Google has been locked in a benchmark battle with IE, Safari, Opera, and Firefox for years, but now it’s working on another JavaScript performance improvement: consistent performance.

To that end, Google announced that the developer-channel version of Chrome now includes a feature called incremental garbage collection in its V8 JavaScript engine. It’s designed to keep software responsive.

“V8’s new GC [garbage collection] reduces pause times dramatically while maintaining great peak performance and memory use,” programmers Vyacheslav Egorov and Erik Corry said in a blog post. “The new GC in Chrome improves interactive performance and opens up new possibilities for the interactive Web.”

Garbage collection periodically frees up memory that a program claimed but didn’t release, a very useful technology. But that process can hang up a computer while memory is tidied up. Incremental garbage collection breaks the process up into steps to reduce the pauses.

Google measured its success with one of its V8 benchmark tests of JavaScript performance. “In our testing the maximum time to render a frame including pause time is reduced from 272 milliseconds to 50 milliseconds,” the programmers said.

Good interactive performance is harder to achieve with larger JavaScript programs, because a larger amount of memory must be swept.

Mozilla also is working on incremental garbage collection. “This stuff is hard, and we don’t know how much tuning work there will be, but we’re currently targeting IGC landing for Firefox 11,” Mandelin said.

Fiddling with the JavaScript engine is difficult but has paid performance dividends for all the browser makers–and for developers, too. Dart will have to offer very compelling benefits to dislodge the established language of the Web.

The Hawaii State Public Library System (HSPLS), in partnership with Microsoft Corp., today announced that HSPLS has become the first statewide public library system in the world to adopt Digital Literacy and Microsoft IT Academy programs for technology training and preparation for certifications for all library patrons in Hawaii. The Microsoft IT Academy Program is the first training program to launch under the HSPLS HI Tech Academy initiative and is expected to reach nearly 1 million people across the state of Hawaii.

Craig Mundie, Microsoft chief research and strategy officer; Donald Horner, chairman of the Hawaii State Board of Education; and Richard Burns, Hawaii State librarian, announced the kickoff of the Microsoft IT Academy in a news conference today at the Hawaii State Library.

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

The Microsoft IT Academy Program includes training and certification in Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, in addition to advanced subjects such as programming, Web development and database development. The program’s digital literacy resources will equip Hawaii’s library patrons with the technical skills needed to become more employable and successful in the 21st-century workplace.

“For students and workers alike, technological literacy is essential to compete in today’s economy,” Mundie said. “Programs that help nurture 21st-century skills at scale will help prepare more people in Hawaii, in the U.S. and around the world to participate and succeed in the global workforce.”

The Microsoft IT Academy provides access to e-learning, certification preparation and official Microsoft course materials, which will help users qualify for and acquire industry-recognized Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technology Associate or Microsoft Certified Professional certifications.

Funding for the Microsoft IT Academy is provided by the federal Library Services and Technology Act, which is administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

The launch of the Microsoft IT Academy marks the first time the subscription-based program will be made available to Hawaii’s library users through in-library and remote access via Windows Internet Explorer. In Hawaii, hundreds of thousands of library cardholders will have free, unlimited access to more than 350 Microsoft courses, ranging from basic computer skills to advanced network architecture and design. The Microsoft IT Academy will provide many of the vocational and adult-education resources that have been reduced in Hawaii as a result of budget cuts.

“IT certifications are increasingly recognized as valuable credentials that give young people expanded career opportunities,” Horner said. “The Microsoft IT Academy ensures patrons equal access to IT training and certification through all libraries across the state, regardless of location or economic status.”

The Microsoft IT Academy will expand educational, workforce development and lifelong learning opportunities for all the people of Hawaii. The program will also help students, as library patrons, become college- and career-ready upon graduation from high school and will improve their abilities to compete in the rapidly evolving modern workplace.

“With the unveiling of the Microsoft IT Academy, we are excited that all our patrons — from keiki to kupuna — will be able to access technology training that has the potential to affect transformational change in Hawaii’s education and workforce landscape and is closely aligned with Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s New Day in Hawaii Plan’s Hawaii Broadband Initiative and his emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math education,” Burns said. “We enthusiastically encourage all our patrons to take full advantage of the Microsoft IT Academy — it will truly benefit everyone who participates.”

Access to the Microsoft IT Academy will be available through the HSPLS website, Library patrons with valid library cards can access the courses of their choice by following simple instructions. The courses are accessible at any time in all public libraries and remotely. The courses are self-paced and several sessions in length, and patrons can stop and resume their coursework at their convenience.

Patrons who decide to pursue Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technology Associate or Microsoft Certified Professional certifications will have the opportunity to take an exam at an official Microsoft Certification site. Access to the Microsoft IT Academy, a list of the certification sites and course curriculum are available on the library system’s website at


The Hawaii State Public Library System is the nation’s only statewide public library system, comprised of 50 branches located on six islands. Its mission is to provide Hawaii’s residents, in all walks of life, and at each stage of their lives, with access to education, information, programs and services, and to teach and nurture the love of reading and the habit of life-long learning.

Google’s next generation Android 4.0 — code named “Ice Cream Sandwich” — will be available to the open source developer community in weeks, one company spokesman said yesterday.

And yes, Ice Cream Sandwich is designed to re-unify the Android code base for smartphones and tablets, and will likely please more in the open source community, the spokesman indicated.

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS CertificationMCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

“It will be open sourced in the coming weeks, yes,” said Randall Sarafa, a spokesman for Google. “Correct. No, Honeycomb was not [open sourced].”

“ICS will be open sourced, and yes, ICS is meant to reunify and provide *one* release for both tablets and smartphones,” Sarafa wrote in another one of several e-mails written in response to questions from this blogger about Google’s open source efforts with respect to Android.

Honeycomb, the previous Android 3.0 code base optimized for tablets, was subject to some criticism for its potential to fork Android, and for not being available to open source developers.

“”Ice Cream Sandwich is Android 4.0, and it is one release for tablets, smartphones and everything in between. That means that tablets going forward can run on Ice Cream Sandwich as can phones, so it is an update for both tablets and smartphones,” Sarafa said.

This blogger wanted to talk to Google about the potential for ICS to compete more aggressively against iPad and iPhone 4 s but was told that a tablet spokesman was not available.

How about a spokesman from Motorola?

Google announced plans to purchase Motorola’s mobility business unit for $12.5 billion earlier this year.  Motorola is the largest and most successful hardware supplier of Droid phones and Android-based Xoom tablets.

Sometime in 1998 or 1999, Internet Explorer (IE) became the number one Web browser in the world. It did so thanks to Microsoft illegally bundling IE with Windows. But, while Microsoft lost the anti-trust case, instead of being broken up as it was first ruled, Microsoft only had its hands slapped and Internet Explorer’s main competitor, Netscape, was destroyed. By 2004, Microsoft’s IE owned 95%+ of the Web browser marker. That was then. This is now.

In that same year, Firefox started taking market-share from IE. At first IE lost ground, ironically enough, because of its de facto victory over Netscape. For years, Microsoft neglected improving IE 6, and Firefox was able to quickly establish itself as the better option. Then, when Chrome was introduced in 2008, it made the Web browser races far more competitive.

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS CertificationMCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

In October 2011, according to NetMarketShare, IE is barely above the 50% mark of desktop browsers with 52.63%. That only tells part of the story though.

On the smartphone/tablet market, IE is a total non-player with IE and Microsoft Pocket IE combined having only 0.17% of the market. Put the total Web browser markets together, and you’ll see IE has finally dropped below the 50% mark. IE now has only 49.58% of the total market.

While Microsoft continues to try to make the best of IE’s decline by focusing on IE 9’s growth on Windows 7, the simple truth is that IE isn’t just declining, its fall is accelerating.

On the desktop alone, IE’s strong point, IE lost 1.8%. Over the last three months, IE has lost 6% of its desktop Web browser users.

Firefox, once IE’s greatest rival and still the number two–for now-Web browser–can’t take credit for IE’s fall. Firefox, with 21.20% of the market, has been hovering around the 21% mark since February.

No, the credit for cutting IE down to size must go to Chrome, which increased its market share by 1.42% to 16.59% and Apple’s Safari, which now has a 8.54% market share. Both numbers are all-time highs.

Safari’s increase isn’t just a matter that it’s the dominant, with 62.17%, browser on smartphones and tablets. Mac OS X, where Safari is the default Web browser, has now reached 7.18%, also a new high, on the desktop according to StatCounter.

A closer look at IE’s numbers reveals that much of IE’s customer base, 7.49%, are using the hopelessly obsolete IE 6. Thus, the percentage of users working with current versions of IE–8 for XP and 9 for Vista and 7–is actually about 42%.

In short, IE is a dead browser walking. Not only is IE’s declining on desktops, it doesn’t have any presence on smartphones and tablets. Even if you buy into Windows 8 being Microsoft’s savior for tablets and smartphone, Windows 8 won’t show up until at least 2012.

Were I a Web developer, I wouldn’t waste any more of my time building for IE. WebKit, which is the open-source, Web-browser engine behind both Chrome and Safari, is the smart choice for Web developers. The users, with the way they’re abandoning IE are already speaking. The day of IE as the dominant Web browser are numbered.

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 OA 3.0 verification system will add complication and costs for ODMs (Original Device Manufacturers) who create and build PCs for the big name OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). These costs will, undoubtedly, be passed on to us, the consumers.

Note: The DigiTimes piece inaccurately refers to OA 3.0 as being incorporated into the BIOS. What we are actually talking about here is UEFI firmware, which all Windows 8 certified systems must have.

MCTS Certification, MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCTS CertificationMCITP Certification and over 2000+
Exams with Life Time Access Membership at

According to DigiTimes, the issue revolves around Microsoft’s new activation system for Windows 8.

For the OA 3.0, Microsoft plans to pre-install the Windows 8 operating system into PC’s BIOS and will have consumers key-in the authorization key to activate the software through an Internet connection and will completely abandon its previous method of using a COA [Certificate of Authenticity] label.

OEM BIOS activation is nothing new. OA was first seen in Windows XP, and OA 2.0 with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Both of these mechanisms are now easily bypassed by pirates looking to install/sell unlicences copies of Windows.

However, now rather than shipping PCs with a COA, keys will be incorporated in the system’s UEFI firmware, and this will increase production costs for ODMs because each machine will require individual attention to squirt the key into the UFI firmware (rather than just sticking on the COA). Technicians will also require more training. Finally, the absence of a certificate on the machine could also increase costs because of installation overlap (Microsoft charges a per-install fee, so having to install a second key because of an error would increase costs.

There’s also concern about who will bear these extra costs:

The sources also revealed that the ODMs believe Microsoft is playing a two-faced game with the notebook players – on the one hand, the software giant has told notebook ODMs that brand vendors will pay all the increased cost, while they told the brand vendors that ODMs will be responsible for the cost.

One thing is for sure … you and I will be the ones ultimately footing this bill.

Since HTML5 runs on all modern Web browsers and supports many of the capabilities of modern mobile devices, it can serve as a universal platform for applications. A universal platform provides significant business benefits, not only in terms of developer productivity, but also in terms of employee productivity, competitive advantages and technical benefits.

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“Build once, run everywhere” has been the goal of many platforms, although most recently the motto was used for Java. It has rarely been completely true. In Java’s case, “build once, test everywhere” was closer to the mark.

A true universal platform offers many financial benefits: It removes uncertainty about future hardware; extends the application lifespan; extends the business’ ROI on investment in software development; and lowers the cost of IT development, operations and maintenance.

Support for multiple platforms has long been recognized as an efficiency killer in IT shops. At the same time, there has been enormous pressure from business users for IT to support the latest hardware. Of late, it’s especially personal, with mobile smartphones and tablets.
Better Value Proposition

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When the iPhone was first introduced, Steve Jobs said that its apps would be created as Web applications, but developers quickly found that the original iPhone/iOS 1 Mobile Safari browser wasn’t up to the task. When the iOS SDK was released and the App Store opened, many IT shops began to develop custom iOS applications in response to demand from users, either in-house or by contracting the development out.

When Android phone users started asking for the same applications, the IT shops had to start almost from scratch to create Android versions.

As the HTML5 standard matured and Mobile Safari and other browsers started to support it, the difference between what could be accomplished using Web applications and native applications shrank, and the remaining items could be taken care of with frameworks such as the free open source PhoneGap. Now development shops can not only create their iPhone apps to run in Mobile Safari, but also make the same Web application work on all HTML5-compliant browsers, whether desktop or mobile.

This is a far better value proposition than creating native apps for every mobile platform, and it can serve tablets as well as smartphones, desktops, laptops and netbooks.

One huge “but” in all this is that many developers have yet to learn Web technologies at all, much less the latest HTML5 features and capabilities. Another huge “but” is that there’s currently a wide variation in feature implementations among HTML5-capable browsers, with Mobile Safari in the lead and Internet Explorer 9 far in the rear.

A universal Web application can be written now, but it takes some feature-sniffing and careful coding to make it work well on each possible browser. This requires extensive testing and a rather good Web developer. Alternatively, there are tools and frameworks available for generating universal HTML5 applications.

On the other hand, if the definition of “universal” is restricted to what works now — and the other platforms are allowed to catch up in their HTML5 support in the future — then using handwritten HTML5 (with its attendant CSS3 and JavaScript) as a universal application platform is at least on the horizon.
Productivity Benefits of a Universal Platform

A Web-based universal platform for enterprise applications can make employees more productive because business applications can be used anywhere, from any supported device, with no setup required.

This is a compelling benefit for workers who often walk around their business, as long as WiFi coverage is supplied in the facility. Examples include nurses in a hospital using a medical records system, or supervisors in a plant using an inventory system.

With the addition of wireless broadband through a 3G or 4G carrier, this becomes a compelling benefit for workers who often drive offsite, such as sales people, delivery people and construction supervisors.
Competitive Advantages of a Universal Platform

A Web-based universal platform gives a business a competitive advantage because it gives customers and partners the interactive experiences they want today on the mobile platforms they use today — not in three years, when IT gets through its backlog.

If developers are busy maintaining desktop applications for up to three platforms, Web applications for up to five browsers, and native mobile applications for three or more smartphones and tablets, they are never going to have time to produce anything new to meet business needs and add business value.

You might think that supporting mobile devices isn’t worth the effort, but your employees, partners, and customers likely disagree. Mobile today is like the Web was in 1995: You have to go there, and the sooner you do, the better you look to your users. Don’t let the competition get there first.

At the same time, you don’t want your mobile applications to look half-baked. This is an area where careful attention to the styles, animations, and effects available through HTML5 can add considerable polish to a Web application.
Why Use Standards?

HTML5 can be a universal platform, meaning that HTML5 applications will be able to run in cross-platform and cross-browser environments. HTML5 is widely (indeed, universally) accepted, and W3C standards mean these applications should continue to work even as hardware evolves, since the burden of hardware compatibility for these standards falls on the Web browser developers, not on your IT department.

In other words, you win.

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